World News Project


The World News Project is an ongoing investigation into the historical significance of how we form our view of the world. Through the use of published imagery (particurlary newspaper imagery) the question is asked: "Does history repeat itself?" The World News Project was first conceived of by Jason Wallengren in 2008 but took shape in 2011. The project consists of many different works and experiences using installations, printed & published matter,
video, electronic media, and ephemera. It is an open-ended project that is always growing and evolving
by adding new elements and works to it.

It started in September 2011 with the installation of the Reading Room in Nurnberg, Germany.
An online image archive and front page archive, were added to the Reading Room at this time as well.

Jason is an American multi-disciplinary artist based in Nurnberg, Germany. He received his Masters in
Visual Art from the Art Institute of Boston in 2009. Since then he has shown his work in Boston, Copenhagen,
Germany, and the Czech Republic, among others.

For questions, comments or would like to learn more about the World News Project,
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©Jason Wallengren, 2011