Reading Room

The Reading Room is an invitation to the participant to observe, view and read newspaper imagery.
It provides insight into the controlled system of news imagery distribution. The space consists
of many unique works and interactions using printed & published matter, installations, video,
electronic media, and ephemera. Influenced by various historical movements, (Post-Memory Art and
Arte Povera), the Reading Room initiates a dialog by which the viewer may be able to form an
objective opinion on the larger phenomenon of information exchange.
The first Reading Room was installed on September 24, 2011 in Nürnberg, Germany and was the
first work that launched the World News Project.

The first Reading Room was installed on September 24, 2011 in Nurnberg, Germany.
It is on view in Halle 15 for the exhibition WERKSHAU, on the AEG complex.

Reading Room, Neon Sign, 60cm x 35cm, 2011

History, Old Typewriter, red cellophane, old camera, LED light monitor, type cabinet, 2011

Daily Newspapers (available for reading)

Happy Days (are here again), inkjet output on canvas, 240cm x 150cm, 2011
April Third, found newspapersfrom 2009 in display case, 2011

Erasue of Memoery II (all of these documents were produced on April third),
30 panels, inkjet output on construction paper with colored ink, each panel 12 x 18in, 2011

Untitled, 4 panels, cut newspapers, A4, 2011

Planet in Peril, found newspaper front page from 2007, 18 x 24in, 2011

Installation view & Newspaper rack

Reading Room Installation History:
1- Werkschau, Halle 15, AEG, 24 September to 30 Oktober 2011, Nürnberg, Germany












©Jason Wallengren, 2011